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Website of the Humanist Party in Scotland.

This is the site of the Humanist International, an umbrella organisation for Humanist Parties around the world.

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About us:

Welcome to the HP website. Our party is a Progressive Party based on the principles of New or Universalist Humanism. These principles can be summarised as:

• Putting the value of all human life as the central value and concern, higher than money or institutions.

• Promoting non-violence as the only way to achieve results

• Fighting discrimination in all its forms; racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, etc.

• Encouraging the continuous development and free distribution of human knowledge.

• Freedom of beliefs and ideas

We are developing our party from the grass roots. In broad terms our policies favour:

• The needs of the workforce before the needs of the banks and speculators,

• Real representative democracy before formal democratic models,

• Decentralisation of power before centralisation in centrally controlled government institutions,

• Anti-discrimination before discrimination,

• Liberty before oppression.

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    Our priorities are for health, education and security and the equality of opportunities for everyone. The foundation for these policies has been expounded in the humanist statement.

We are an organisation of volunteers and welcome all those who share our ideals and objectives. We are in search of people to join us who can help to establish the Humanist Party at a grassroots level throughout the country. Our aim is to participate in elections at all levels of government. If you would like to be a candidate in your area and need help, please contact us.

What's new:

21/02/06: From alienation to participation: an evening of discussion 29th March 2006 with Tomas Hirsch, ex-candidate for the Chilean Presidency

12/02/06: the HP position about the recent publication of cartoons in the european press

27/11/2009: the HP joins the International campaign to plead for clemency for Australian citizen

01/11/2009: the HP denounces alleged government proposals to replace the UKs nuclear missiles.

01/08/2009: United force of the left puts forward Humanist Party candidate, Tomas Hirsch, as presidential candidate for elections in December.

26/07/2009: Continued violence in UK leads to death of innocent Brazilian.